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Customer Reviews

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I have used other products but all were a disappointment until I came across Optimize your pc
-Sam Taylor, Seattle, WA
This optimized my pc to the highest level. I’m happy about it. Worth purchasing.
-Rob Kimball, Philadelphia, PA

Clean and Optimize in 3 Easy Steps!

Diagnose your computer free of cost by calling our OptimizeYourPC tech expert or simply download this software.
Double click on the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to install and scan your computer.
Ask our OptimizeYourPC technician for tips to improve your PC’s speed and improve its performance.

Get a faster PC

Get a Faster PC Today
Fix Your PC Errors
OptimizeYourPC includes Advanced Error Detection technology so you can quickly see and fix any PC errors in a matter of minutes.
Get a Faster PC Today
Boost Performance
OptimizeYourPC will scan your registry and correct any errors and make your computer faster and more efficient.
Get a Faster PC Today
Prevent Crashes
Tired of seeing blue error screens or pop up messages? OptimizeYourPC will find and fix any errors so your PC won't crash anymore.
Get a Faster PC Today
Clean Your PC
OptimizeYourPC cleans out all missing & unnecessary registry entries to keep your PC's registry in pristine condition.
2 minutes can save your months
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OptimizeYourPC products safely clean, protect, and maintain your computer's operating system to prevent crashes and restore optimal functioning.